How Communities Benefit From A Thriving Arts Scene

Theaters, galleries, music venues, and cultural events all contribute to the quality of life a community offers to its residents, and cities that invest in the arts tend to thrive. Arts can include a wide range of media and experiences, and the possibilities are expanding as communities become more diverse and technology opens new doors. There are several types of benefits associated with a thriving arts scene.

Economic Benefits

First of all, the arts provide employment for the people who manage venues and provide opportunities for small businesses that serve the arts. Dance schools, costume shops, art supply stores and, of course, restaurants and cafes tend to be successful in communities with a healthy arts scene. In addition, the arts can bring tourist dollars into a community. People from out-of-town areas are likely to travel to see a good play or music performance, for example, and they are also likely to spend money in local businesses while they’re in town.

Cultural Benefits

Another benefit of the arts is that it brings people together and gives them a sense of collective identity. Even residents who don’t participate in the arts can enjoy and take pride in the arts events of their community just as non-athletes can rally around their local sports team. The arts are also a means of expressing community values and character, which community members can identify with and draw a sense of belonging from.

Social Benefits

Finally, the arts bring people together from all walks of life. Community members at opposite ends of the socio-economic spectrum can participate in the arts on an equal footing. Similarly, people of different ages, ethnicities, and abilities can find common ground in the arts. Moreover, when people participate in group artistic endeavors, they more easily bond with each other, developing trust and friendship.

Throughout the U.S., many large and small cities invest in the arts to promote a high quality of life for residents. Sacramento is one example of a community that fosters participation in and enjoyment of the arts through a wide variety of arts organizations. To find out more about Sacramento Arts, check out Sacramento Likes for the latest events.


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